Top reasons to hire a professional photographer in a wedding

Wedding is a onetime grand event in your life. It is not something that you would experience every other day. Hence, it is important that you select everything with a keen interest. One of the most important part in it is the photographer. After all, it is the photographer that helps you to immortalize this special day in your life. There are many beautiful moments that take place on your D day and they can be captured perfectly only by an experienced professional wedding photographer. He can click them without being overwhelmed by the presence of so many guests and their chit-chat. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to hire a professional wedding photographer who can document it all without missing all the vital details of the day. So there are certain reasons why you should choose a professional wedding photographer. 1. Capturing the stunning pictures of the beautiful moments of your wedding day may not be as easy as it appears. Small yet vital details that you may miss because you are of course busy, excited and nervous on your big day can be easily clicked only by a professional. 2. A professional wedding photographer can take care of other details as well such as poor lighting, gloomy weather, and accordingly, click pictures. If an amateur handles the job of clicking pictures, he may not be aware to handle such situation with ease and perfection and the result will obviously leave you heartbroken. Expert photographers can understand the desired effects, position, lighting in order to capture and immortalize the special moments of your life. They can also identify the emotions that can make the wedding photos more appealing. 3. An expert wedding photographer has enough experience to make people feel comfortable. So, while you go about hiring a wedding photographer, clicking pictures perfectly should not be the only thing that you should look at. He or she should also have the capacity to make his subjects feel at ease and comfortable while clicking pictures as it can be easily seen in the pictures. Therefore, in order to make the informed choice, try to meet at least a few professional wedding photographers and visit their studios. Your main job will be selecting a photographer whose working style closely matches with your own preferences and personality. Ask as many questions as possible and look through the portfolio of all the selected candidates. A professional photographer’s sample work reflects his or her best work, so you may ask for his or her sample work in order to find the Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata according to what you like.

How to shoot a bengali wedding?

India is a diverse country which has different cultures and different ethnicities and obviously different wedding rituals. Each and every culture have their own traditions and significance. The wedding is one of the most precious days in any couples life. If you are a Wedding Photographer then you have to make sure that you capture the most exquisite and memorable moments on their big day.
The Best Wedding Photographers to take the challenge to embrace up the perfect sequence of occurrence with the highest level of serenity, commitment, and perfection. A Bengali wedding from the beginning to end, you will give your word for the fact that Bengali weddings are suffused with rich beliefs and traditions.
ASHIRBAD: Rice husk and trefoil plant are sprinkled on the brides head is regarded as propitious and is a part of a pre-wedding ritual called ashirbad. Charms are exchanged in the ritual and these days couples also bestow rings to each other during this casual ceremony. This is the time when a photographer should seize the candid moments of the people involved in the ceremony. This is more of a casual affair so people are seen in light moods and a photographer present there should take out the best from it along with the traditional portraits.
Jolsoya: On the morning of the wedding the mother of the bride or groom along with few married women goes to the nearest waterbody to fill a brass pitcher. This is used to bath the bride or groom in their gaye hold ceremony. Here the cinematographer should cover the whole event.
Gaye holud: The Haldi ceremony in Bengali Hindu wedding is called gayeholud.Seven married women of the prolonged family crush the turmeric themselves and then smear it on the bride or groom. This usually takes place on the morning of the wedding day. Here the photographer will get vibrant and bright shots of the bride and her relatives while they will be engrossed in applying haldi to the bride.
Totto: During the haldi ceremony the groom’s family send extravagant endowments knows as Totto.A traditional tattoo includes everything from attires, shoes, cosmetics to sumptuous sweets and toiletries. The groom’s family also send a big decorated rohu fish and other nourishments along with them. A photographer should take pictures of each item that has been sent by the groom’s family.
Sajsojjya : A wedding is never complete without a bride getting ready for her big day. A Bengali bride’s attire is never complete without the prototypical Sakha (conch shell bangles), Pola (red coral bangles) and Loha (iron bangles). The loha is said to give the marriage strength,besides harmonising the negative and positive energies. A Bengali bride also carries gachkouto and kajallata throughout the wedding day. While the gachkouto is used to carry siddur (vermillion dust), the kajallata is believed to keep the bride safe from evil spirits.
A bride’s look gets complete with kohled eyes and red lips with a red bindi on her forehead. Gold plays an important part in a Bengali bride’s jewellery. In which some of the ornaments are received from her mother and grandmother .you can visualize the deep-rooted culture of the traditional Bengali jewelry. Some of the jewelry which is included in the Bengali wedding is:-
1.Nath, 2.Paatihar, 3.Jhumko, 4.Tikli, 5.Tairaa, 6.Chik, 7.Bala, 8.Kanpasha, 9.Chur, 10. Ratanchur
Here the photographer has ample chances to take out the best shots of the woman when she is turning into stunning wife to be focusing on her paramount features. Here the photographer must take close shots showing his photographic skills.
Boragaman : The groom along with the borjatri (groom’s friends and relatives) appears in the venue. They are received with fervor amidst blowing of sonkho (conch shells). The mother of the bride receives him with a borondala , a large tray containing items like rice, turmeric, betel nuts, a bunch of banana and a lighted diya. She then feeds him sweets and water and welcomes him in. Here the photographer and cinematographer should cover these whole sequins of events.
SaatPaak and Subho Drishti: The groom is taken to the wedding mandap known as Chhadnatola and the puja is performed along with the person who will do the kanyasampradan.The bride is seated on a wooden plank known as Piri and is carried by male members of her family, to the mandap while she hides her face with betel leaves. The bride takes rounds around the groom seven times while she is being carried by her male relatives, which is known as saatpaak. Once the saatpaak is over the bride is placed in front of the groom and the bride removes her betel leaves and sees the groom, this is known as subhodristi. Tis whole event should be filmed by the cinematographer without leaving a single moment of this funfilled ritual. The photographer should capture the candid moments of the bride and groom living their special day.
Mala bodol : The couple exchanged flower coronets is known as mala bodol.It is a fun packed event when the relative of both bride and groom hoist them up to make it difficult for them to each other .photographer should capture this competitive and fun moments while keeping the tradition intact.
Kanyasampradan : After the mala bodol, the bride sits opposite to the groom and the elderly member preferably father of the bride tie their hands and bound them by a pios thread and the priest chants the mantras and the bride is officially given away to the groom. This ritual should be fully covered by the cinematographer and the photographer should take close shots of the bride and groom when the Kanyasampradan takes place.
Saptapadi: The female member of the grooms family ties a loop between bride’s saree and the groom’s shawl. After tying of the knot the couple goes around the fire seven times while articulating the seven sacred vows. Here it’s the work of the cinematographer to cover the whole ceremony.
Lajanjali: The brides’ brother puts puffed rice into the bride’s hand and the groom holds her arm from behind and together they pour the offering in the fire. Here a photographer should capture the closeness between the bride and groom through this ritual.
Sindoordan: The groom applies sidur on the parting of the bride’s hair and covers her head with a new saree given from the groom’s side known as lojjabostro.This is the most special moment in a bride’s life when she turns from a daughter to a wife and her new journey of life. A photographer should be capable enough to seize this moment and restore it for the couple’s lifetime.
Bidaai: This is the time when the bride with tearful eyes leaves her own house to get settled in her husband’s house. The bride throws a handful of rice to signify that she is paying all her debts from her father’s home. The photographer should capture this emotional moment keeping in mind the last few moments of her in her father’s house.
As a wedding photographers you should let you lenses do the talking by capturing the actual emotions behind the Bengali Wedding. Also, try to get aerial views during the saatpaak and malabadal if the venue taken by them is an open area.Therefore, in order to make the informed choice, try to meet at least a few Best Wedding Photographer In Kolkata and visit their studios. Your main job will be selecting a photographer whose working style closely matches with your own preferences and personality. Ask as many questions as possible and look through the portfolio of all the selected candidates. A best wedding photographer sample work reflects his or her best work, so you may ask for his or her sample work in order to find the Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata and also you go for Best Candid Wedding Photographers according to what you like.

What is Candid Photography?

A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved in many ways, for example:
1. when the subject is in motion,
2. by avoiding prior preparation of the subject,
3. by surprising the subject,
4. by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.
Thus, the candid character of a photo is unrelated to the subjects knowledge about or consent to the fact that photos are being taken, and unrelated to the subjects permission for further usage and distribution. The crucial factor is the actual absence of posing. However, if the subject is absolutely unaware of being photographed and does not even expect it, and then such photography is secret photography, which is a special case of candid photography.
Candid VS Normal Photographers
Picture Quality Differences.
Traditional photographers most of the time focuses on posed portraits with standard poses almost in all the weddings. Their pictures are super sharp and the bride and the groom standing in front of camera are fully visible along with the person standing far behind on a reception/wedding venue. Everything in those pictures will be seen crystal clear.
We live in an age where we daily see glamorous pictures online or in magazines of models /pretty brides and everyone somewhere deep in their heart think of being clicked some day in same way. Welcome to the new age of Candid wedding Photographers, As mentioned above the way they see light or use same gear they can give you same gorgeous quality images on your big day.
Lets do a case study based on some images below clicked by Candid Vs traditional photographers. Left ones are candid and right ones are traditional.
In below picture see how Candid photographers & traditional photographer saw the same scene differently. Both pictures were clicked at same time at same position.
Candid :We saw bride standing and then we saw buildings & some tress in background, we decided to move little bit to get into a position so that we avoid the building in background and get only trees. Post that same advance camera setting & correct flash output so that bride pops out of the image, Also a warm tone to image blends well with background.
TRADITIONAL :We personally feel the image looks plane white looking straight into camera with overdoes of flash.

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Candid :We all love first dance done by couple on Sangeet night, usually for this performance the decor guy keeps the best light/smoke effects.A candid photographer with right settings on camera and right amount of flash ensures that colorful ambience is shown in picture as it happened live.
Traditional : On the other side, this time the tradtional photographer does not use flash, but due to insufficient knowledge on gear will either make the picture totally flashy or dark as seen in below pictures.Seen in below pics the ambience color of room & dance-floor is missing totally.

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How To Choose Best Candid Photographers
Location: Though it is fairly easy to travel all across the country these days, it is natural that the photographer flying in from a distant place will have that expense built in the quote. It will be the best if you start looking for a suitable photographer locally. However, if no local photographer suits you, you MUST not compromise. What you pay to the photographer is going to be dwarfed by the total expenditure on your wedding.
Style: Every photographer has or develops his / her own distinct hallmark style. It is fairly easy to get an idea by looking at their portfolio. However, most of them only display a handful of great pictures on their website. Any average photographer who has shot a number of weddings can throw in 10-15 good enough images on display. Therefore, I recommend that you see at least one complete set of pictures from an entire wedding. It will give you a very fair idea of his abilities to click good picture consistent with your expectations.
Skill: Skill of a photographer is exhibited in his ability to generate fresh or fun perspective to an ordinary scene. This skill sets him apart from others who merely work on fixed angles and perspectives and produce similar looking images across all the weddings. I am always on the lookout for a different angle of view and do not hesitate in climbing up, lying down on the floor, crawling down, or hanging out of a window (of course, with safety) if it provides me a fresh perspective.
Personality: Once you have liked the style and are confident of his skills to produce good picture, the next step is know him as a person. It is highly recommended that after the initial quote and ice-breaking, you talk to him over the phone or, even better; meet with him /her in person for a cup of coffee to see what sort of person he/she is. Ideally, you should choose a photographer who has similar personality as yours. For instance, a serious and introvert photographer may not do justice with your expectation of fun pictures.
Passion: When you speak with them over the phone or in person, ask a lot of questions about their approach and ideas for your wedding. Listen to them carefully and try to see if they have a passion for photography or are looking for just another business assignment. The one with a passion for this art is much more likely to challenge his / her abilities and use the skills to get the best pictures. Therefore, in order to make the informed choice, try to meet at least a few best candid photographers and visit their studios. Your main job will be selecting a photographer whose working style closely matches with your own preferences and personality. Ask as many questions as possible and look through the portfolio of all the selected candidates. A professional photographers sample work reflects his or her best work, so you may ask for his or her sample work in order to find the Best Candid Wedding Photographersaccording to what you like.

Things To Consider While Hiring A Candid Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

Are you getting hitched this wedding season? So your big day preparations are in full pace, I guess. And you must be all tied up in planning the wedding attire, wedding venue, catering menus and so on. Right? But is something slipping off your mind? Have you planned hiring a best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata who can capture the beautiful moments of your life in photographs so that you can cherish them throughout your life? If not, then it is high time you seek professional service for documenting your big day properly. Always remember none of the preparations will last forever except photographs which can be the only source that will help you cherish your day for a lifetime. If reading this make you wonder how to find a reliable candid wedding photographer in Kolkata then you must read on. Here we have come up with few tips on how to choose the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Always go for affordable packages

Indian weddings are itself a costly affair and includes a lot of arrangements from beforehand so it is extremely important that you plan your budget accordingly. However, it is advisable that you must never compromise with the quality of your wedding photography, as it is the most important aspect of your wedding preparations. Thus, you must research and look for specialists who are excellent and offers a wide range of wedding photography that are suitable with your desired budget. Quality photography service at reasonable price is something you must look for.

They say that experience can make a difference and this is a true fact. best Candid wedding photographers in Kolkata who are experienced in this field know some of the unique techniques, know how to use a DSLR to its maximum potential, know how to click a candid even in the trickiest of situations. It is immensely important that you do a thorough research on the type of marriages the photographer has covered. The more the photographer is experienced, the more they can provide you with a professional service.


Professional wedding photographers are so creative they can turn a typical wedding into a style design wedding. Or they can change that old farmhouse into a perfect destination wedding specific niche market. All this can be done with the abilities and imagination of a best candid wedding photographer.

Seek Vast Experience

Look for candid wedding photographers who have a wealth of experience in covering weddings similar to yours. Delve deeper into the kind of weddings the professional has covered. Remember; the more marriages the photographer has covered, the better is his efficiency since he knows what it takes to capture beautiful photos. Also, try to get references from recently married couples since word-of-mouth recommendations can be a great way to find good photographers


You won’t ever see an adept shooter without his package and other equipment. And not simply that nevertheless they are so advanced that imaginable them turning your dreams of snowy wedding ceremonies over a beach become a reality. Have I exaggerated?well not necessarily. Everything can be done by using latest picture taking equipment and software. Manage to survive think of taking pictures your wedding using mobile cams and a simple camera. Because they are without those kept up to date functions and show which these professional camcorders have. In addition, these photography equipment are so expensive, and there could be odd chances a wedding few would be having them.

Last, however, not minimal, if you opting for a relative or friend over a specialist shooter then you are surely diminishing on the product quality, creativeness & most important professionalism. You will not discover that flair and efficiency of candid wedding picture taking in anyone except a specialist wedding photographer. Bear in mind hiring and spending money on the services of best wedding photographer in Kolkata is merely like buying professionalism.

Is There A Need For Pre-Wedding Photos And Video?

Wedding is considered as a biggest event in everyone’s life. Yes each one of us will have very special imaginations and plans about our biggest day. So, to have those special moments and memories preserved forever we take so much care in choosing the best photographers.

Pre wedding shoot is trending since a half decade and there are very few couple who say for a pre wedding shoots at present. I still remember my grand mom saying that she saw my grad father only on her wedding day. Its definitely impossible in current scenario. Beat its an arranged wedding or a Love marriage. Each one expect and its mandate too to understand the life partner before stepping in to the life’s biggest commitment.

Whether your wedding is well planned and scheduled in advance or its suddenly fixed. The strong recommendation is to have a pre wedding shoot. We have made about 10 points which will make you say for a pre wedding shoot.

It’s a pre wedding shoot – Yes it happens pre wedding, which gives a pre look of your wedding day. Beat you guys have recently met and trying to understand each or you are in relationship for quite a long time and have decided to have a wedlock pre wedding shoot helps you execute your wedding plan more effectively.

It helps both ways
– You as a couple understanding each other and also understanding your photographer who is going to capture moments of your big day. When you are in process of hunting a photographer for the event you may find one with reference from your friends or relatives or you may get impressed by social media profile of one but it really matters to understand his working style and compatibility with you guys. A friendly relationship between photographer and the duo would result in excellent photographs.

The camera becomes your friend
if you are the one who is shy in front of the camera or of shy nature to pose with your partner in front camera or in the crowd. A pre-wedding shoot will help you overcome that. If you spend at least 3-4 hours on pre wedding shoot it gives you enough confidence to face camera and have a good chemistry with your partner. most of the couples find it quite awkward to be in front of the camera and without a little direction they get nervous and anxious. The photographer will keep giving you directions to portray you well in the pictures.

Best Result
- You get exactly what you want. what you imagine. You will love the experience and remember your wedding day in all its glory with the effect of pre wedding shoot. To translate your vision into a story. A wedding photographer has to understand what you want from your wedding. When you engage with your photographer it would help to pass your vision about the wedding which enables him to put it as a story with the pictures.

Turn your fantasies into real
– Pre wedding photo shoot is creating a timeless memory of ourselves when we were young. On pre-wedding films you will feel like superstars, The happiness and joy of people before getting married is ecstatic. The love in the eyes of the couple for each other is worth seeing. The couples are in love and that is a memory and moment worth capturing before wedding. Through pre wedding shoot you can execute your fantasies in to real by including different themes and concepts for shoot. Imagine a picture of you both is not lesser than any Bollywood movie poster? Doesn’t it excites?

To cherish the moments forever
Pre wedding shoot leaves you a bundle of memories for future, It’s a gift you give it to yourself to recall the memories in future, Pre wedding photos strengthens the bond when you see those pictures and when you have those as your wallpaper and framed on your walls. It helps to look back and cherish the moments.

A chance to visit places
The destination weddings and pre wedding shoots allow the couple to travel places during shoot which is more exciting than a honeymoon.

Your photos reflect your personality
So if you’re a quirky, non-conforming kind of person, the type of location you choose would reflect that. If any particular location means something to you perhaps he/she proposed you there, maybe it is the place where you went for the first date. Its always meaningful to chose a place which holds memories of your past.

You become a storyteller
I have read many love stories by ours is the best of all have you heard this dialogue? Yes, we all have our own love stories, If you want to tell it to the world Pre wedding shoot helps you to picture it with the unique way you wanted.

As a wedding photographers you should let you lenses do the talking by capturing the actual emotions behind the Bengali Wedding. Also, try to get aerial views during the saatpaak and malabadal if the venue taken by them is an open area. Therefore, in order to make the informed choice, try to meet at least a few best wedding photographer in kolkata and visit their studios. Your main job will be selecting a photographer whose working style closely matches with your own preferences and personality. Ask as many questions as possible and look through the portfolio of all the selected candidates. A best wedding photographer in kolkata sample work reflects his or her best work, so you may ask for his or her sample work in order to find the best candid wedding photographer in kolkata according to what you like.

10 Pointers Awesome Pre Wedding Photoshoot


First Things First. You Need To Book A Photographer Who Can Showcase Your Personality. Once You Have Browsed Through Someones Work – You Should Have A Fair Idea About The Kind Of Pictures That You Might Be Able To Get. Remember – Showing A Photographer If He/She Can Replicate Somebody Elses Style – Is Not What You Want To Do. It Is Only Going To Leave You Disappointed In The End, And You Will Blame The Photographer For Your Own Bad Judgement. Once You Can Visualise Yourself In The Photographers Existing Body Of Work – You Have Found The Right Match For Your Photoshoot.


After having gone through hundreds of portfolios, once you are ready to book a photographer, remember to ask the following questions:

A) is he/she still available on that date

B) the booking fee & paperwork needed to confirm the date

C) get an idea about the location, timing,

D) the logistics involved, arrangements that you might have to make for him/her

E) permissions at the venue

F) costs for add-ons – like prints, graphics (save-the-date, announcement text), photobooks, e-books, fusion videos etc.

Once you are comfortable with everything – go ahead and confirm your booking. Remember, most photographers will not discuss the details & plans for your shoot without a formal confirmation & the booking fee. So you must be very sure that you are going ahead with the right photographer and have studied his/her work extensively.

After the formalities are taken care of – ask for – advice on what to wear, how the photographer plans to style the photoshoot, share the ideas that you have in your mind, discuss the location & style of the shoot, be upfront about how you are comfortable being guided at each step or if you want the photographer to capture everything in a more unobtrusive way. The knowledge of what the photographer is planning to do on the d-day will prepare you a lot for the shoot.


You have gone through the tough task of finding the right photographer, now make sure you are serious about dressing up. I have seen a lot of shoots go bad – because the couple didnt bother to pack extra clothes planned for the shoot, forgot the matching jacket at home, or just wanted to make do with the existing pair of extra clothes, which were there because you didnt really want to wear them in the first place. Stick to the options that you discuss with your photographer, show him/her pictures of the kind of styling advice he has to offer. Even if you dont have time to go shopping for the shoot – pick your favourites, your most classy clothes.

You can hire the best of the photographers, go to the most exotic locations – but in the end – its how you look that will make or break the shoot. At the same time, remember – your photographer is not a stylist, but unless you are going to hire a professional stylist for your shoot – your photographer is the best person to help you with the same.


The Location can make you look like Larger than life. If you are confident – go outdoors, to more crazy & popular locations like marketplaces, forts & tourist spots, public gardens etc. If you are staying at an exotic property – get the permissions for the shoot there – you will get the best of both worlds – privacy & beautiful backdrops. And if you are like most couples – who are a little shy in front of the camera, and get conscious of the fact that people might stop and stare – choose a more secluded place, like a far-away beach or farmhouse, or an old ruin which is not on the tourist map, the back alley of your apartment building, or simply your terrace or garden. For variation – ask your photographer if two different locations can be combined, or simply take two sessions with different styling and different themes – while one can be romantic, the other can be playful.


I can not emphasise more on the importance of letting go during the shoot. After the task of finding the right wedding photographers in kolkata, the location, clothes, the logistics etc. – You are finally ready to make some awesome pictures. Let your photographer take control, while you let go & trust his creativity. Once you stop worrying about how you are looking in a picture – you can focus on having a good time with each other. Using your energy to show how much fun you guys can have together is going to show in your pictures – so focus on that rather than worrying about what your photographer is doing or if he/she is making you look awkward or putting you in silly poses – remember, you booked the photographer because you liked his/her work in the first place.


It is OKAY to have the same picture as that other bride, or that other photographer. It will always be your first image – taken at that particular location for the first time. And it will always make your picture unique.There is always an image or two that has been done before, but you will never get tired of looking at those pictures when you are going to be in them yourself. I highly recommend incorporating at least one of those timeless moments in your shoot.


Be confident with your body. You are not Fat or Thin. You are always going to be you, and that is beautiful. Stop worrying about the better side or the better angle. It is a date – with the guy/girl you love, and that is all that should matter. Laugh, Be Playful, Be close, hold hands, look into each others eyes, hold each other, try things that you might not do ordinarily, show your fun/crazy/prankful side. Do not look for direction every minute.


Be clear about what you are looking for. Some photographers are great with traditional poses and some are great with capturing the fun side. Study the portfolio & understand what your photographer has to offer and if it matches your requirement. Once at the shoot – Do not be casual or just think that the photographer will put some magic stardust on you and make you look awesome – listen to the guidance during the shoot, suggestions, help with poses, hands, feet, etc. Everyone knows you paid top-dollar for a photoshoot, it did not happen by chance. Be open to the photographers ideas, and do not dismiss those by saying this is too cheesy or we are just sitting holding hands, cant we do something more


Its great to have a mushy and romantic portrait session, and sometimes – its even more fun when you include your family and friends in the shoot. Speak to your photographer if this would be possible, discuss the logistics and additional planning required. These are not just a few more pictures so dont surprise your photographer with this addition right at the last moment. Some photographers (including me) take this as a second session in terms of planning & fees, and so should you. Tell your friends and family to be on time, to follow the dress code & to have fun. It becomes difficult for the photographer to explain to bigger groups – about what he is doing – so you also need to become the bridge between the Photographer and your guests – and give them instructions yourself. A large gathering also means a lot of ideas and pointers from the members. Please let the photographer do his job, thats the reason why you booked him in the first place, right?


Its always great to have some time right after your ceremony for some crazy and fun pictures in your wedding attire. Request the photographer for this very important half-an-hour on your big day. You are going to be in a rush – and you would need a very skilled and experienced photographer to create these images – Quick & Fabulous. Look out for the post-wedding pictures in your wedding photographers portfolio. It is a huge plus to have one that can shine in this department

The Top 5 Most Awesome Destination Wedding Locations In India

Fancy having a destination wedding in India? But, confused with the plethora of options available. Here is a list of 5 of my favourite destination wedding locations, that are not only beautiful, but are also easy to get to. I have photographed some really beautiful weddings at these destinations. Here are some notes that would help you pick the best location for your destination wedding.

Photographing a wedding in Goa is always a treat. It is a mixed bag of Breathtaking sunsets, Beautiful resorts, Churches, Portuguese architecture, Old monuments, Beaches, Greens, Mountains, Unpredictable skies, rain and the freedom to be away from the crowds – all at one place. It helps to create a variety of pictures – from Fun pre-wedding pictures at the beach, to some postcards around the monuments & resorts and some really mushy-romantic pictures at sunset. Being in Goa, at a beach resort also makes sure your traditional ceremonies get a fabulous tropical-look in the background.
Favourite Resorts for pre-wedding photoshoots & destination weddings in Goa: Park Hyatt Resort & Spa, Cansaulim & Taj Exotica, Benaulim.

Advantages of hosting a destination wedding in Goa: Be it monsoons, or winter – you will have great weather, with a slight mix of unpredictability. Cloudy skies to clear blue skies, Heavy showers to hot spells – chances are you will get a mix of all of this over your wedding weekend.

Logistics: Most couples choose to have a destination wedding at a single resort like Park Hyatt. The 200+ portugese style villas take you away from the typical city/banquet wedding mindset. Huge Pools & several activities can keep you busy during the non-ceremony hours. Proximity to the airport, a private beach, wonderful hospitality (including an in-house wedding planning team), great location surrounded by Goan restaurants & shacks, and premium hotels & bungalows in walking distance to host additional guests/staff at the last minute.

What to Keep in Mind: It can rain anytime so double-check weather forecasts. Travel time if hopping resorts If you have cars doing multiple rounds this could mean 1-2hrs to transport 200 people from one resort to the other.
Best Time of the Year to host an event: All year long. Nov-Jan (perfect weather), Oct & Feb (slightly warm), March-May (unpredictable, hot & rainy, perfect for indoor weddings with outdoor fun activities – you would get the best deals during these months), June-September (Monsoon, crazy rains, Goa at its Green best).


Mussoorie is the place where Hill station post cards are made! Beautiful tree-covered hills looking down the Doon valley, the surreal view of the Himalayas at sunset, and clear skies giving you a brilliant display of twinkling stars of the milky way & the flickering lights in the valley. It is a great get-away in Summer months, especially for folks who stay in Metros without an access to a nearby Hill-station. The wedding can be a refreshing change & quite out-of-the-box.

Favourite Resorts for pre-wedding photoshoots & destination weddings in Mussoorie:
JW Marriot Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa & Royal Orchid Fort Resort.

Advantages of hosting a destination wedding in Mussoorie: Superb Weather & a wonderful change of environment for those staying in Metros in the West & South.

Logistics: Dehradoon is the main city with an airport & a railway station, which is about 50kms. It is a scenic drive from New Delhi, and I would highly recommend taking a Volvo or booking a convoy of vehicles for the makes things really easy.

What to Keep in Mind: The weather change on any particular day can be really drastic. So you would need to plan to dress up in layers. The Afternoon can get really warm in the sun, while still cold in the shade. And the evenings are perfect for bon-fire guitar sessions & some chai or whiskey.

Best Time of the Year to host an event: Early-April To mid-July is the perfect time to be in the Hills. Dec-Feb are the Snow months, and great if you want a crazy-cold-snowy wedding (and are ready to dare the road-blocks). Late-July – September are the rainy monsoon months and best avoided.


Palaces, Castles, Lakes & sheer Luxury. That is what Udaipur truly is. Udaipur is also known as the Kashmir of Rajasthan it might sound cheesy, but it truly is the most romantic Oasis in India. I will leave it on the pictures to do the talking.

Favourite Resorts for pre-wedding photoshoots & destination weddings in Udaipur : Taj Lake Palace, Oberoi Udaivilas, Leela Palace, Lalit Laxmi Vilas, Trident Udaipur to name a few.

Advantages of hosting a destination wedding in Udaipur: Clear blue skies, fairy-tale palaces, temples & gardens, narrow lanes strewn with stalls, and the glory of the Rajasthan state surrounded by the lush hills of Aravalis, mirror reflection of the beauty in Lake Pichhola – Making udaipur a fascinating blend of sight, sound & experiences. There is so much to do in Udaipur, and you will have the advantage of keeping the guests busy with Tours & Activities throughout the day.

Logistics: Udaipur is well connected by air with Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and other major cities. You can choose to have a quaint wedding in the most beautiful property in the middle of Lake Pichhola Taj Lake Palace. It has about 75 rooms & suites, and is perfect for a close-family wedding.

What to Keep in Mind: Udaipur has really narrow lanes leading to most of the hotels

Best Time of the Year to host an event:September and March are the most pleasant months, with bright sunny days & cool evenings perfect to relax by the lake or on top of a hill. The summer is unbearable and best avoided.

All metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore have a lot of beautiful hotels where you can get married. All these properties have beautiful gardens or banquets and exquisite rooms. But there are very few properties in India, which allow you to actually stay where the Kings & Queens once lived.

Falaknuma – meaning mirror of the sky is an iconic all marble palace built in 1893 by Nawab Vaqar-ul-Umra, the Nizams prime minister, before it was taken over by the Nizam VI. The palace is full of VO monograms after its first resident. An English architect combined Italian and Tudor architecture to give Falaknuma its unique look. Its stained glass windows throw a spectrum of colour into the rooms. The famed 101 seat dining table is treat in itself. Burroughs and Watts from England designed two identical tables, one of which is in Buckingham Palace and the other in the Falaknuma palace.

Oh and while you are there – do not miss the Buggy Ride perfect for those Facebook Selfies!

Favourite Resort for pre-wedding photoshoots & destination weddings in Hyderabad : Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad.

Advantages of hosting a destination wedding in Taj Falaknuma: Great hospitality by the Taj Group. In-house events team. You can host a small wedding party in the palace itself. For large weddings, and more than 100 guests, you can look for the four other Taj properties – Taj Krishna, Taj Banjara, Taj Deccan & Vivanta by Taj and have a hassle-free celebration & the perks of a destination wedding.

Logistics: Hyderabad is a mainstream Metro, well-connected with all major cities in India. Except for traffic jams in the city – while you are hopping from your Hotel to the wedding venue – you will not face any issues with planning your wedding & the logistics of the entire event.

What to Keep in Mind: Hosting an event at Taj falaknuma needs a lot of advance planning. Its great for weddings with under 80 guests. Being a small property – it can sometimes be difficult to get more than 20-30 rooms during the months with great climate (especially weekends).

Best Time of the Year to host an event: October March are the most pleasant months. Weather in hyderabad is wonderful during this period. The evenings are mostly cool, and give you a great opportunity to host outdoor functions without worrying much about rain or dust storms.


Jaipur – The largest city of Rajasthan is the ideal tourist location. It is a quintessential part of Indias Golden Triangle – a must-do city in the International Tourists list, coming a close second only to Agra – because of the Taj Mahal.

If you are hosting a wedding in Jaipur – you wont have to worry about your guests during the days – for the options – be it sightseeing, shopping or attending cultural shows, plays or concerts that are available to explore are endless.

Favourite Resorts for pre-wedding photoshoots & destination weddings in & around Jaipur : Taj Rambagh Palace, Jai Mahal Palace, Samode Palace & Haveli, Jaipur Marriot Hotel, Hari Mahal Palace, Neemrana Fort Palace

Advantages of hosting a destination wedding in or around Jaipur: The biggest advantage : Proximity to Delhi – which means getting to Jaipur from Chandigarh, Lucknow, Agra, Mumbai, Ahmedabad or other North-West Indian Cities.

Logistics: In-city travel can be a pain. So staying at two different resorts will need to be planned carefully. Reaching Jaipur, however – is really easy.

What to Keep in Mind: Local travel (crazy traffic jams), Terrible heat in Summer, Non-stop freak-rain in March-April.

What is the role of a photographer at a wedding?

Photographers play a significant role in the wedding industry. Professional photographers have learned the nooks and corners on how to beautify a moment through their experience. The hustle and bustle you face in the wedding hours can be brilliantly ignored or hid by a professional wedding photographer

Only a wedding photographer can shuffle the pictures in an elegant and attractive way that could make an album look more pretty. They always hunt for a perfect location and backdrops in the wedding venue for they have a sound knowledge of Photography. The wedding photographers can easily understand the couples needs and desires than a non photographer. They have the potential to turn the moments into memories. A professional photographer will suggest you the right poses and so you might end up regretting if you do not pick one.

Here are few points to quickly know on why to hire a photographer for your wedding.

1. The real role of a photographer at a wedding is to capture the moment.
Hence we believe in capturing the moments as it unfolds. Yes the advice we could offer a photographer is to get themselves trained enough to capture the moments and not the lens-posed pictures.

2. Hiring a wedding photographer would help to capture every detail of your wedding which in turn brings back the mood board of the wedding witnessed decades back.

3. Capturing lifetime best portrait

The couple might turn busy with their schedules of wedding arrangements and consecutive rituals to be carried out. It is advised for a photographer to steal a few minutes from the couples schedule to make them realize how important the couple portraits are They must have browsed shortlisted and picked the right vendors for their layout. Hence missing the couple portrait is a huge memory loss for them. Moments missed will never come back so the must do job for a photographer is to advise the couple and make them allocate their time for couple portraits and not to mention it will not last long. Just undisturbed 20 minutes would do magic in portraits.

4. Capturing the mood of the ambiance

It is very much essential to capture the ambiance mood without disturbing the actual colors.

5. Do not interrupt the rituals

It is a strict rule for the photographers to not disturb the rituals seeking attention from the ritual doers. You must turn into a good observer and snap the lovely pictures without intruding.

6. Finding a better location

No matter where you are put in. A photographer must always hunt for the photo friendly locations and fix in the quick modifications.

What is the logic of pre wedding shoot?

Most of the wedding photographers being more interested in making some quick money would obviously promote the growing trend of pre-wedding shoots. I do not think if they would ever question why people go for pre-wedding shoots till the time they have to get it done for themselves or someone in their family. So, why do people spend so much for a pre-wedding shoot? Is it an unnecessary expense? Does it add any value?

You may argue yes it does add value by creating some good memories. So my next question to you is, when do you know some memories have been created? Is it just by spending few hours in a garden/park or striking a pose before a monument fort palace? I really do not get this. To me, good memories are created when you spend some quality time with each other when you go for a trip together when you engage in your favourite sport or fun activities when you both are your natural self, when you do not have the pressure to look visually appealing to the camera or pretend to be cool. And this is where my concept of prewedding shoot begins. As usual, for the purpose of writing this post, I will assume that I am getting married next month and I need to decide whether or not go for a pre-wedding shoot. And if at all, I decide to go for such shoot, how would I want my pre-wedding shoot to be?

Utility Aspect: I would want the wedding dates to be known and publicized to all my relatives and friends much before the formal invitation card reaches them. An informal intimation so well in advance may help them book their tickets at a cheaper rate or get confirmed reservations . That is more convenient and cost effective is not it? Further, this will also help them know whom I am getting married to by face.

Memories Aspect: I will never go for a pre-wedding shoot just because almost everyone is doing it and it has become a popular trend. I would go for such a shoot only when the photographer is keen on knowing our story how we met for the first time our likes and dislike; hobbies and interests, etc. This may help the photographer know us better and become more like a friend, than just a photographer. I would ideally expect him to set up at least one meeting with us to know about our requirements, preferences, and most importantly our comfort level and adjust his photography style accordingly. This is to ensure that I get some thoughtful images which have got some correlation with our lives, story, or past events, instead of few clich pictures.

On the day of the shoot, I would expect him to spend ample time with us so that he can capture natural candid moments, especially when we are not aware. The idea here is to capture the chemistry between us and not just the cover page of the chemistry book. This will come, only when we are comfortable around the photographer and think of him more as a friend than merely a service provider.

Fun Aspect: Pre-wedding shoots are complete fun if you can club it with an outstation trip to some interesting places. Such a place need not necessarily be range of mountains, cascading waterfalls, or serene beaches. It can just be a village fair, flower market, amusement park, a Dhaba along the highway, and the like. After all, a good photographers job is to create magic out of the simple, ordinary, underrated pleasures of life. That is what they get paid for. Is not it? Therefore, I would prefer my pre-wedding shoot to be more of a fun trip, a trip that we will always remember and preserve as your finest memories from that time.

Visual and Comfort Aspects: Wedding is not the time when you can turn up in your favourite pair of denim or some other cool outfit. A pre-wedding shoot gives us the freedom to wear what we want and be in our most comfortable and stylish outfit. Here, we do not need to wear heavy make-ups or styling done. This makes us look our usual self without much pomp and show. Similarly, wedding is not the time when you can get so cozy with each other, especially before so many elderly figures, relatives and friends. Pre-wedding shoot is the time when we can have more physical proximity and strike more natural, unrestrained, and fun-filled acts and gestures. Further, this will also help us be more comfortable around each other at the time of our wedding.

Test Run Aspect: I would ideally prefer to put my wedding photographer on a test run before my actual wedding day through a brief pre-wedding shoot. His portfolio of past work may be great but he never clicked us together and we have not seen it for real. Basically, I will prefer to not risk my wedding day photographs on a person whose work I have not seen for real. Appearances may be deceptive you never know.

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